today’s songinmyhead: Written in Sand (Santana)


One of my Facebook friends, David Walmsley (the Funkfather), is a bassist. One day he posted on his page a YouTube video of singer Alex Ligertwood in concert, singing Hold On.

Well, my jaw dropped. Not only because that song had been one of my favorites off Santana’s 1982 Shangó album, but because I hadn’t heard anything of Alex in years! (Don’t you just love the Internet?)

Santana’s been a favorite of mine since the early ’80’s, thanks to my Nigerian then-boyfriend who used to play Santana day and night. He was especially impressed with the vocalists; his opinion was that anyone who wanted to be a singer in that band had to have a powerful enough voice to cut through the screaming guitars! His favorite Santana singers were Alex Ligertwood and Greg Walker, and they became mine too as I got more into Santana and filled my shelves with many Santana albums throughout the ’80s. (Who knew that years later, I would be hired to write publicity materials for Greg Walker’s first solo CD? It was a real treat to meet him, lemme tell ya! But that’s another story for another entry.)

When I saw the YouTube video, of course I ended up doing Internet searches to see what Alex was up to. Delighted to learn that he was still performing. As I cruised the Internet, another Alex tune popped into my head and stayed.. for weeks!  It was Written In Sand  from the Beyond Appearances album from 1985. I love how his voice carries everything that goes on here. Beautiful!

Your eyes are the color of the sea
You look my way and the waves wash over me
Your body shivers with the fading light
And you say baby, let’s just make it last tonight
And when the morning comes
You take me by the hand
And see our love is written in sand
Written in sand
We hear the ocean roar
We’re swept away onto some distant shore
You whisper secrets of the heart
To keep us close when the world keeps us apart
Until tomorrow comes
Time is in our hands
Because this love is written in sand
Written in sand
[Santana guitar solo]
Nothing lies between
A woman and a man
Who find their love
Is written in sand

Written in Sand by Mitchell Froom and Jerry Stahl