From the Archive: “Whatever Happened to… Ralph MacDonald” (Strictly Jazz, November 1994)

SJ Ralph MacDonald profile
SJ Ralph MacDonald profile

My profile of amazing percussionist Ralph MacDonald. It was a great honor to interview him, and a great sadness when he passed away in 2011. (click on image until readable)

April is just so cool.

First, it’s my birthday month.

Plus which, the Smithsonian has declared April to be Jazz Appreciation Month.

Not only that, but the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has officially designated April 30 as  International Jazz Day.

And finally, the Jazz Journalists Association is taking advantage of the aforementioned by participating in a huge media campaign, called JazzApril, to both celebrate and raise awareness of our jazz resources “and generally make noise to show that jazz is everywhere, in April and all year long.”

So my contribution to this party is that I will dig into the archives from my years as a jazz journalist (1987-1994), and for the month of April, post a random jazzy article a day here in A MUSIC LISTENER’S JOURNAL.

NOTE: Since these babies were written in the days before computers (!!), to read them just keep clicking on the image until it enlarges readably. Enjoy!


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