Happy Birthday, Music Listener’s Journal!

it's my birthday

Today I am 1!!

Hey hey hey–it’s A Music Listener’s Journal‘s first birthday! And although the blog is a Capricorn, the blog creator is an Aries: loves change, is restless, prone to multi-tasking. So for Blog’s birthday I decided to give her a new dress and accessories. In other words, she has a new design, and there’s music sprinkled throughout the entries.

Hopefully the new design helps the blog be a bit more readable, which will inspire more entries. So even if you’ve been here before, I invite you to take another cruise through the entries and see how it feels (and sounds!) this time.

A bubbly birthday toast also to you, dear readers, for your encouraging words and touching comments. You’re the best! Now, stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Music Listener’s Journal!

  1. Happy Birthday Music listener’s Journal, you may be a Capricorn, but your spirit is definitely Aries ;} Ive enjoyed you thus far, so really looking forward to all that you bring in 2013. bless Rz

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