Catching Lyrics


Q: So you hear a song. You like the song. You wanna sing along with the song. The words aren’t included in the song packaging. How do you catch the words?

A: Duh: you just get them off the Internet, silly. What kinda dumbass question is that?

Well, sure. Now that we’re in the 31st century, it’s easy to locate song lyrics. But I’m here to tell you that before the Internet, you had to use your EARS to capture those lyrics… And it was waaay more fun!

Here’s the old-skool way of capturing lyrics that I’ve been using since forever (don’t ask me how I came up with this method. Everyone has their own special tricks, and this is the one that works for me):

I grab a pad (usually a legal pad, if you must know) and a pen.

I lower the needle onto the record.

As it plays, on the pad I write down only the first letter of the words I catch, all the way to the end. Of course I’m gonna miss a bunch, but I let the song play through.

Then I replay it as many times as needed, filling in the missing letters/words as I go, until I get the whole song.

But here’s the crazy part: long after the lyrics have been successfully memorized, for some reason I can’t bring myself to throw away the pages! What’s up with that????

Don’t judge me, y’all.

QUESTION: What’s your old-skool (non-Internet) way of capturing lyrics? Post it in the Comments box!


lyrics sheets

Google, schmoogle! This is how I captured lyrics back in the day–and still do

One thought on “Catching Lyrics

  1. repetition is the mother of retention. that being said, my way of learning the lyrics of a song was to play it over and over, and since i’m a vinyl baby (records) if there was a certain part i couldn’t get i would just put the needle back to that spot (yes i said needle). my problem was by the time i learned the whole song i had either worn out the record or worn out the one part i couldn’t get, to the point that all i could hear was the scratches… most from those damn love songs …

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