eavesdroppings: Paul Simon


eavesdroppings: muse-nourishing s**t i hear musicians
(and other creative artists) say

The album that preceded GracelandHearts and Bones—was a relative commercial failure, and my reaction to that, rather than thinking ‘Oh I’m dead,’ was ‘Well good! The next time I make a record, nobody’ll be looking over my shoulder, which is what they’d been doing for years and years—‘What’s the hit on this album? What’s it gonna be?’ — because I’d had an unbroken string of hits from Simon & Garfunkel, up until Hearts and Bones.

So that was in my mind when I went to South Africa: well, I can do whatever I want here and I’m not gonna get calls from the record company every week saying ‘How’s it going?’ or ‘Can you send us something? We’re dying to hear it.’ They just left me alone, and that was good.

–Paul Simon, in Under African Skies, the 2012 documentary marking the 25th anniversary of his Graceland album


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