Record Shop Memories


Back in the day–since you asked, that would be 1972–I attended Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn. At that time, the “campus” was several buildings in various parts of Brooklyn: Crown Heights, Fort Greene. Near our main building, which was the old Brooklyn Prep on Crown Street in Crown Heights, was a little shop on Carroll Street that sold incense, jewelry, hair beads (I had long hair then but no, I didn’t use beads) and… RECORDS! I spent a lot of time in that shop chatting with the owners, whose names I’m sorry I don’t remember, and of course, buying records. Oh, and taking fuzzy photos–here are some that I came across recently. (Click on photos to enlarge.) Happy memories–I can still smell the incense! In the photos I see some of the albums that I bought at that shop… and still play. I’m just sayin’…


(How many of these albums are in *your* library?)


A friendly greeting to all who entered


Always dropping the knowledge, playing a record for you, recommending…


Betcha she’s listening to something she likes!


Inventory management… fun times

3 thoughts on “Record Shop Memories

  1. ronn

    Man, reminds me of my Flatbush days. My twin had me sending tapes of the latest rap albums to Japan. Remember asking for a new format, Compact Disc, for a new group: BDP & the co-owner’s son asking some dude named Kris if it was available? Yes, the one and only KRS-1! 🙂

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